Second Step

What is SecondStep

Second Step is a universal, classroom-based program designed to increase students’ school success and decrease problem behaviors by promoting social-emotional competence and self-regulation. 

The program targets key risk and protective factors linked to a range of problem behaviors.

Second Step prevents:

  • Problems behaviors
  • Peer Rejection
  • Impulsivity
  • Antisocial behavior
  • Low academic achievement

Second Step teaches:

  • Skills for Learning
  • Empathy
  • Emotion Management
  • Problem Solving

At all grade levels Second Step provides opportunities for modeling, practice and reinforcement of new skills.

Kindergarten - New Challenges, new skills.

To make the big transition to elementary school, kids need to learn new skills, such as how to control impulses, stay focused, and follow rules. The kindertarten curriculum features colorful Second Step lesson cards, interactive songs, games, and especially be

loved puppets Puppy and Snail and plush Be-Calm Bunny.

Click here to download the kindergarten scope and sequence

First Grade - Excited to learn

First-graders feel big. They’re no longer the youngest, and they’re learning and growing fast. Socially and emotionally, they need skills such as knowing how to calm down, get along with others, and practice empathy. The first grade curriculum features lessons fun with colorful materials, new songs and videos, puppets, and engaging Brain Builder games

Click here to download the first grade scope and sequence

Second Grade - Growing up and getting along

By second grade, students have gained a sense of independence and self-awareness and are ready to start solving problems on their own. Teachers use the curriculum and accompanying games, videos, and daily activities to teach students skills—such as how to avoid assumptions, pay attention and listen, finish tasks, and show compassion—that can lead to gains in confidence and school success.

Click here to download the second grade scope and sequence

Third Grade - Imaginative and friendly

In third grade, students make academic and social leaps, reading more challenging books, working through multi-step math problems, and participating more in collaborative work and shared learning experiences. The SecondStep curriculum provides engaging videos and lively Brain Builder games to make it easier to learn skills like managing anxiety and disappointment and how to work together respectfully

Click here to download the third grade scope and sequence

Fourth Grade - Connected and Collaborative

As fourth-grade students interact even more with peers. The SecondStep curriculum reinforces skills such as participating in conversations, giving compliments, managing strong feelings, and taking responsibility.

Click here to download the fourth grade scope and sequence

Fifth Grade - Confident and responsible

Fifth-grade students pay attention to social status and need skills to deal with gossip and peer pressure. Additionally, they need skills to help them self-regulate so they can focus in class and learn. The fifth grade curriculum includes activities, videos, and guided classroom discussions to help students understand the complexities of feelings and reactions so they can be ready to learn and deal with emotions and problems responsibly.

Click here to download the fifth grade scope and sequence

Sixth Grade - Setting a course for success 

Sixth grade is when many students first encounter peer pressure, substance abuse, and social bullying. Lessons in this grade teach important skills, such as how to disagree respectfully, be assertive, and recognize and respond to bullying. Videos and class discussions engage students and offer strategies for solving problems, identifying hopes, and making plans.

Click here to download the sixth grade scope and sequence


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